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Stacked Pipes

Pipe & Pipeline Inspection Services

Pipe & Pipeline Inspection Services

Pipe inspections services give you valuable insights about projects and pipelines which can help operators and owners to extend life, save repair costs, ensure safety and compliance with essential standards. The years of experience gained by our inspectors provide you with in-depth knowledge of the common problems associated with pipes such as coating, logistics, and construction.

Our extensive expertise includes pipeline inspection, equipment integrity, and production services, we have been quality service providers or many onshore and offshore projects all around the world. Our highly skilled inspectors bring valuable insights and provide cost-effective services for all types of projects.
We provide you valuable insights into procurement, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of the pipelines in a particular project.

Pipe Inspection during Manufacturing

As the new pipe is made or fabricated, inspection is important at the manufacturing phases to ensure that there are no faults during manufacturing. Our inspectors inspect pipes at the place of manufacturing.
MTL  makes sure that all pipes produced to meet your requirements and pass all quality checks and comply with all accepted standards.
We have highly experienced inspectors who can inspect pipes, reviewing and witnessing certain processes, assessing the quality of workmanship and dimensional accuracy, and reporting of results

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ASNT NDT Level II Courses

Your organization will gain an advantage from the experience that our inspectors have collected over the years as well as saving costs by outsourcing your NDT needs.     
Our NDT inspectors hold ASNT Level 2 certification as a minimum and a significant proportion of the staff is qualified for Level 3 certification ASNT (American Society of Non-destructive Testing). 
These qualifications and level of expertise help you to comply with the necessary industry standards and help in problem-solving.  

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