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TPI Services

It is very important for buyers, located a continent away from their product source to engage an independent inspection and testing agency to identify... Third-party inspections provide valued solutions to achieving regulatory requirements, safety, and reliability for your business. MTL end-to-end approach to inspection factors in accountability, consistency and compliance at every stage. Our inspection services are offered to manufacturers, retailers, facility and plant operators, and others looking to ensure that their products and facilities meet global requirements.

  • Client preparation for ASME/National Board certification

  • Review and acceptance of Quality Assurance Programs and procedures

  • Design calculations review according to the ASME or other codes

  • Field inspections

  • Verification of the qualification of welding processes and welders to ASME Section IX

  • Verification of the qualification of nondestructive examination procedures and personnel

  • Guidance on the application of jurisdictional regulations at the place of installation

  • Inspection of components to be stamped with the ASME/National Board Code symbol stamp

  • Evaluation of the equivalence to different codes and standards for components

  • Third-party inspection of components complying with the intent of the ASME Code, but which are not subject to stamping with the Code Symbol stamp

  • Preparation of inquiries for interpretations and Code Cases to ASME

  • Providing client representation when required to the various ASME/National Board Code Committees

Our Inspection Activity at Vendor Location 


Ingot Material Review  / Witness


Tensile Test Piece Witness


Material Dimension Witness


Material Hardness Witness


Material UT Test Witness

TPM Marking.jpg

Test Piece Marking


Impact Test Piece Witness


Material Roughness Witness


Material MPI Test Witness

shaft Packing.jpg

Material Final Packing Witness

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